From womb to breast, the journey of mother and child is beautiful, exciting, and sometimes tough. Hospital, home, tub, birthing center, or birth on-the-go; the birth happens, bringing huge change for the household. It is a transformative and life-changing time, demanding much support and plenty of nourishment and rest for the new mom. .


Postpartum Care

NEW MOTHERS: I will help you with all that motherhood entails: nursing, engorgement, pain, diapers, baby's belly button, holding, swaddling and more. SEASONED MAMAS: I will help create peace and stillness and order as you heal. I can occupy other siblings(read, walk, tidy up, play) in the household while you rest, and can take care of baby while you get a shower in! (Fancy that..)


Breastfeeding Counseling:

I have nursed six of my own sweet babies and can help coach you if you have any questions! I have helped several new moms learn to nurse, work through mastitis/infections, and work towards a better latch / less pain. I am not certified (yet), but I can offer you the wisdom/support that comes naturally to me.


Household Help

I am the fairy godmother of a postpartum home. I come in to do everything that Mama wants to be doing as she looks from the couch but can’t, because all of her time is spent nursing, eating, etc. I keep everything moving/rotated: dishes, laundry, food. I freshen up stuffy rooms, do quick tidies* and sweeps, as I serve mother and baby. I am happy to fold some laundry piles. (*If you need your toilets scrubbed and your stairs vacuumed, I’m probably not your best hire. I do the basics as I focus on mother and baby, not deep cleaning.)


meet your doula

My name is Sia. With roots in the Bay Area, rural Eastern Ohio and the Pacific Northwest, I am the daughter of a midwife. I grew up pouring over my mother’s midwifery journals and magazines and read as much Ina May Gaskin as I could as an eager 16 year old, always drawn to the beauty of motherhood. I was honored to be able to attend some births with my mother as her apprentice, spent my teenage years helping local moms out with their busy families and holding babies, folding laundry and washing dishes, and spent my own young-mothering years (amid having my own babies) serving/visiting postpartum mamas right after birth ( we all did this for each other, and still do!) I have six children of my own, am the oldest of five children, and I am also a teacher, potter, writer and founder of a small mother’s journal. You can read more about what I do at siaeliza.com.

I am currently working on receiving my certification through the International Doula Institute.



This chapter paves the way for a lifetime of physical + emotional health between you and baby.

My number one goal when caring for mothers and babies post-birth is assisting to whatever degree possible in mama-baby bonding, physical healing, nourishment and TLC! Mama and baby have the most important work to do.