thriving mamas, thriving babies


I’m a Postpartum Doula. Passionate about the mama-baby bond, birth, breastfeeding, and the importance of a healthy, restful, healing "fourth trimester," I nourish, guide, educate, and support the mother and child. I offer several packages suited to best fit each mother’s unique needs, whether she’s having her first baby or is a seasoned mother of many. I’m an experienced mother of six, here to help and serve the postpartum mother.


baby inside

…is listening to your heartbeat, growing, moving through water. The only world this baby has is you, his/her beloved: M O T H E R. You give your baby life. You feed yourself so that you can feed your baby. Your baby receives all his/her nourishment from you. YOU are baby’s entire universe. Your womb is your baby’s home.

Soon baby will be born…


baby outside

You continue to be baby’s universe, as they acclimate to the world around them: lights, sounds, other people. Their environment has shifted from the womb waters to the birthing room to the garden and living room, the kitchen. And you continue to give baby life! You continue to nourish yourself so that baby can have milk. It doesn’t stop here. Welcome to the year of diapers, eating, nursing, changing diapers. Welcome to the fourth trimester! Time for mama-baby healing, resting, bonding. Bring in the help so that you can cherish and bloom.