Postpartum Packages


mother + baby….

when your days are all of a sudden consumed with nursing, changing diapers, and swaddling and rocking and caring for, your new sweet baby, all while being sure that your own needs of nourishment and rest are being met, too!

Cherry Blossom Special: Fresh flowers, fresh fruit, homemade meal, coffee/tea delivery, and of course mama-baby love/ Q+A/support. Quick tidy-up and laundry rotation etc if needed. This visit is between 1.5-2.5 hours. $200

Baby Moon: Most Popular: These are the most important days when it comes to giving mama and baby the rest and bonding they need and keeping the rest of the household running well. This is perfect for moms who don't have the extended family support they need for recovery/bonding with baby, or if dad needs to go back to work! 3 days of 3-hr. visits. $400

First-Time Mama: Welcome, dear mother, to motherhood! I’ll do a one time check-in offering my own wisdom/experience and give you some tips on infant care and breastfeeding support (if needed.). I always come with a treat! 1 hour. $50

Love Bundle: Think: tea, oranges, chocolate, soup. Fresh flowers in my own Eliza Clay handmade vase, a home cooked meal. A water glass that never gets empty. Meal prep/housework help, Rest, naps, assistance with whatever you need. Mother-Baby Experienced Care. I will also tidy and freshen up the house. This package also comes with a signature Eliza Clay Mug and my own herbal tea blend. 5 postpartum days, 3 hr. visits. $800

Family Postpartum Package: All of the above, plus Includes basic housework, sibling care, mother-baby care, newborn care and breastfeeding coaching if needed. I will also do basic errands and laundry folding if needed. Full 6-day week of 4-hour days. $1200

Head-Hands-Heart Counsel : If you just need someone at your side to talk to, to bounce off questions/concerns, I’m here. I also offer moral support to women who are amid unique circumstances. I have been through many storms and put empathy and compassion above all. Reach out/contact me with any questions! 2 days, 1 hr. visits. $75

If you don’t see a service here that you’re looking for, contact me; I’m happy to work something out!


life with baby

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if packages aren’t your thing…

and you want to keep it simple, I come to support you/do what I do for $45/hr. Cheers!